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Over the last 27 years as a Licensed Therapist and Coach, I’ve been fueled by providing an environment for my clients where they can truly step onto their path of infinite possibilities and create success in their life. It didn’t matter if it was as an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, partner, friend, or human. We all need a safe place to let go of the conditioning of our past and change our mindsets about our potential.

Through my career and my struggles as an entrepreneur when I was starting out, I learned some important lessons about how blocks and “hidden” traumas can hold us back. BOY did I allow it to hold me back!! The excuses, playing small, fears, and self-talk were insane!

But I learned to walk with those parts of myself instead of trying to rid myself of them and everything changed. I became a successful 6+ figure entrepreneur, a co-author (with Neale Donald Walsch, Marci Shimoff, and others) in a #1 International Best-Selling book (on Amazon in several categories), a sought after human behavior and emotions expert, and “The Possibilities Curator.”

In curating these possibilities with 1000’s and 1000’s through the years, it became clear that transforming blocks and “hidden” traumas was key to finding your Superpower. It’s not enough to take some psychology classes and self-study courses and believe you can just “pull yourself up by the bootstraps and muster through.” If you’re never really taught the “how” to release the conditioning of the past, deal with the limiting beliefs and how they even became beliefs that were limiting you, how to breakthrough the limited “box” you’ve felt contained in, and deal with the excuses, boundaries, and “buts” you thought were truths, how would ANYONE be able to break free and become who they’re meant to be?

And the kicker?

We’re taught it’s “hard work!” Well, it isn’t…not really…if you have the “right” tools to show you how to dismantle those beliefs and smash the boundaries to smithereens.

Stepping into who YOU are meant to be, into your highest potential, and walking your path to infinite possibilities is your RIGHT…not a privilege for the few and “lucky.”

And that is the reason why I do what I do…it is my purpose for being. I am honored you are here and honored to help you on your journey of uncovering your Superpower and becoming who you were always meant to be.

My work with each person brings a unique perspective because of my professional and personal experiences as a therapist, coach, trauma survivor, and entrepreneur. Through inspired action, empowered choices, and the space to be who you are and shine your brilliance, you will become your own true visionary and step onto Your Infinite Path (TM). I am honored to walk with you on this path with compassion, grace, and tenderness so we can literally, together, kick your “buts” to infinity and beyond.

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