In this episode, Susan discusses:

  • The different ways that people feel towards the holiday season.
  • All the different holidays, some lesser-known, that people celebrate this time of year.
  • How we can support others during this time or how we can be supported by others.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be mindful that not everyone enjoys the holidays, some may feel quite the opposite – fearful, sad or lonely
  • The holidays can be a great time to put aside differences and come together for the sake of the bond you share
  • If you are feeling positive about the holiday season, lend a helping hand or a simple smile to someone that may need it
  • If you do not typically have a positive holiday experience, reach out to someone that can support you or spend time with you

“I invite you to reach out to those that can lend a supportive hand if you’re feeling sad, a little depressed, down, or anxiety-ridden about this time of year. And if you’re feeling oh so full of love and joy, spread that too…it is beautiful to spread love and to share in the happiness, the gift and the gratitude of life.” —  Susan Dascenzi

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