In this episode, Susan discusses:

  • Setting realistic, focused goals for 2020.
  • The power in just getting started.
  • Having choice and making decisions in seeing those choices unfold.

Key Takeaways:

  • Let go of some of your excuses, limitations, buts, and boundaries that have held you back this year and go into 2020 with real clarity of vision.
  • You can take a resolution and begin it again – every day if needed, as it takes time to change ingrained habits and every day is brand new.
  • Evaluate your 2019 – see what you did well and what needs changed, then craft small, revolutionary steps that will help you form new habits in 2020.


“I think it’s more important to just start and do a little at a time. Not necessarily going for the “gold,” but keeping an eye on the goal and taking small steps to get there. I know I’ll be much more successful in 2020 doing it this way.” —  Susan Dascenzi


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