Finding the connection within you to practice your own radical forgiveness with Susan and Carmen:

  • What radical forgiveness is and how it differentiates itself from traditional forgiveness.
  • How Carmen got involved with radical forgiveness.
  • Connecting and finding that place within to find where you can reframe your story, let go, and forgive.

Key Takeaways:

  • You are responsible for your own life. Don’t allow other people to control your life by not forgiving.
  • You choose your own story. Forgiveness is changing the perception of that story.
  • Radical Forgiveness comes from practice and being outside your comfort zone initially, so, every day, do something different and “outside the box” of your usual.

The Four Steps of Forgiveness to Change the Energy of the Moment:

  • Look what I have created.
  • I notice my judgment and feelings and love myself anyway.
  • I’m willing to see the perfection in the situation.
  • I choose peace.

“Everything that happens, happens for a reason, and it’s for a good reason. Always.” —  Carmen Trujillo

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Radical Forgiveness Worksheet

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