Learning how to live your purpose with Susan and Mellissa

  • Pinpointing your ideal niche, your unique way of marketing your magic
  • Learning how to put the spiritual stuff to work for you in the real world
  • Overcoming fears with acceptance of who we are at our very core

Key Takeaways

  • Find your Soul Gifts with the Soul Gift Quiz
  • Find a community of support and accountability
  • Acknowledge that You are special, and gifted, and embrace it!

“We’re all kind of channeling in our best moments…you know, those amazing moments when something just pops out and you’re like ‘oh, that was really good!’ When you’re super in the flow when you’re writing, speaking, no matter what you’re doing that you love – for some it’s painting, creating, inventing – you’re in your flow and it just feels like it’s coming THROUGH you and you just need to stay out of the creative force. It’s not weird…it’s your birthright! And we’re just here to channel our genius!” – Mellissa Seaman

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