Being creative in whatever medium you choose to find your healing with Susan and Annette:

  • Lessons learned from high school art classes and fighting cancer.
  • Diving in and allowing the art and energy from the art to suffuse your person.
  • Six creative prescriptions and how to use them.

Key Takeaways:

  • You don’t need to have artistic talent to receive the benefits of creative expression.
  • Creative activities alleviate stress and anxiety, especially for people going through cancer treatments.
  • Connect to your body on a daily basis, recognize your needs, and honor them.

“Part of making yourself a priority is learning how to say no to people, and also being compassionate with yourself. I knew that making art made me happy and when I took that first class, and I had that healing experience that was valid, it validated everything that I knew to be true. I realized that’s something I had to make a priority in my life because it is such a wonderful thing. It’s such a wonderful healing tool.” —  Annette Tello

About Annette Tello: Annette Tello M.S. is an award-winning author with 25 years of experience in counseling and coaching. She combines life and health coaching in her signature Creative Rx Coaching Program, where she will help you move forward in your life as a stronger, wiser, more emotionally-healthy, and creative version of yourself.

The use of creative expression through art-making was a critical tool in her own healing, and it inspired her to help others by writing the book, Creative Prescriptions for Women with Cancer: Tools for Tapping into Your Stress-free, Happy Healing Place.

Annette has a wealth of experience in designing and facilitating workshops and online classes. She facilitates experiences that enable people to tap into their inner wisdom for guidance and strength. By sharing her expertise as a coach and artist, she hopes to inspire others to lead a more creative, mindful, healthier, and joy-filled life.

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