Navigating our spiritual and religious connections when you cannot gather in person with Susan and John:

  • The transition from standard church services to connecting at home with daily Mass and how this sheltering-at-home affects us emotionally and spiritually.
  • Connecting spiritually while we cannot gather in person.
  • Managing the feelings of guilt and other negative emotions during this time.

Key Takeaways:

  • The energy is different when you are not able to connect in person. Even something as simple as a hug is very different when you’re doing it virtually. It’s not the same and it’s the same feeling with watching Mass at home rather than being there in person.
  • Close your eyes and envision yourself in your place of worship, or just go within, and embrace those feelings, connect to your deepest heart and soul, and feel that connectedness.
  • Allow yourself the permission to feel and think what you feel and think, but don’t disconnect with those you love and care about.

“God has given us a wakeup call. God has given our country, our planet, a wakeup call. We need to change things.” —  John Hopkins

About John Hopkins: As a young man, John’s love for his country guided him to serve and he spent 22 years as a Civil Engineer for the United States Air Force as an active duty member. Even after his formal retirement from the Air Force approximately 15 years ago, he returned to his squadron (in the same job capacity) as a civilian. Having grown up with progressive parents, who were inter-religiously married and exposed him to two different faiths and gave him the freedom to forge his own path, John’s heart and soul guided him to Catholicism approximately 30 years ago. His deep faith and involvement in the Catholic community has led him to feel that this community is an extension to his family. His wife of 29 years, who is also very devoted to the same faith, his two sons and two grandchildren, and his siblings all understand the important role faith plays in his daily life. As a dedicated father, grandfather, brother, uncle, and religious leader in his community, John’s life has been about service from a place of Love, Compassion, Connection, and Unity.

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