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Kick Your Buts is where you get REAL talk on what it takes to kick those “buts” to the curb once and for all!


About the Show

Ever noticed how we ALL have a tendency to say the word “BUT” a LOT? Do you ever wonder if there’s something holding us back…some hidden piece? And how, far too often, we get trapped behind the fears that stop us from becoming who we are truly meant to be and doing what we love? Well, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to kick your “buts” to infinity and beyond and join me, and my hand-selected guests, for REAL talk on what it takes to kick those “buts” to the curb once and for all. Whether you’re an Entrepreneur, Coach, Author, Speaker, or human…it’s time for you to live without excuses, obliterate the boundaries that are holding you back, and eliminate the self-imposed limitations that prevent you from achieving your greatness. Week in and week out, you’ll learn practical skills and tools to help you step onto your infinite path.


Your Host

Hi! I’m Susan Dascenzi


Over the last 27 years as a Licensed Therapist and Coach, I’ve been fueled by providing an environment for my clients where they can truly step onto their path of infinite possibilities and create success in their life. It didn’t matter if it was as an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, partner, friend, or human. We all need a safe place to let go of the conditioning of our past and change our mindsets about our potential.

My work with each person brings a unique perspective because of my professional and personal experiences as a therapist, coach, trauma survivor, and entrepreneur. Through inspired action, empowered choices, and the space to be who you are and shine your brilliance, you will become your own true visionary and step onto Your Infinite Path (TM). I am honored to walk with you on this path with compassion, grace, and tenderness so we can literally, together, kick your “buts” to infinity and beyond.

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What People Are Saying

“I’m loving these podcasts and just can’t wait for the next. They are wrapped gifts for everyone to open and cherish. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Each day I am finding a bit more about the real me and it’s a priceless gift.”


“Love how real and honest you are about tough issues, Susan. This is a podcast that will definitely bring growth to your life. Can’t wait for more episodes!”


“I absolutely love that you have varied formats for your show: providing insights; example coaching sessions; interviews! You have a great, calm demeanor and ask questions that I want answers to! Thank you!”



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